Our company at a glance

With 25 years of experience in designing and implementing innovative promotional activities, as well as in organizing professional congresses, symposiums and seminars, our company, A. N. Matsaniotis, has transferred its headquarters from Athens to Nafplio in 2018. We aim to make Nafplio a top destination for corporate events that stand out for their uniqueness, giving our clients exclusive advantages. Focusing on our personal relationship with the local community based on trust and credibility, we have established unique benefits for your guests. Our main goal is to provide you with the highest level of service focusing on every detail. We are here to deliver an exceptional guest experience and want you to expect excellence from us.

Why Nafplio?
  • Nafplio is the most popular destination among residents in Athens and the Peloponnese all year round, partly because of its very easy access (only 80 minutes from Athens, or 144 kilometers).
  • It is recognized as one of the most picturesque cities in Greece.
  • Offers very reliable hotel and tourism infrastructure suitable for planning and organizing memorable events for a range of diverse brands and distinct needs.
  • Because of the city's great historical and cultural heritage, your guests will have the opportunity to mix their professional duties with an exclusive and customized guided tour program (services section).
  • A wide range of high quality options are available for your participants during their leisure time. Besides its famous cultural attractions, Nafplio’s spectacular coastal hiking trails, stylish cafés, as well as first-rate dining and night entertainment options in the old town, make the city an ideal choice for a truly memorable company event.
Why us?
  • Because Nafplio is our primary area of expertise, not the events per se. We connect your people and your brand to this unique destination. With our 25-year experience in planning and organizing functions, we believe our clients  (please refer to the clients section) provide our most credible guarantee.
  • We have structured our company's local presence in such a manner that makes Nafplio the focal point of your event, thereby influencing all aspects of your event, from your logo and promotional material to your dining and entertainment options.
  • With us, your participants will experience Nafplio as locals. Our company is now based in Nafplio. For the past three years, we have built strong personal relationships with local professionals -hoteliers, restaurateurs, café owners, municipal officials, tour guides, and many others- giving our clients a unique advantage. When you work with us, this network becomes your network as well. 
  • We understand that you have a limited budget and little time to plan your event.
Our clients
Reliability and consistency.
Based on these standards, we have
been devotedly building relationships since 1993.