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Visiting the Melas Epidaurus Olive Oil Domain



Near the ancient theater of Epidaurus in Ligourio, within a vast olive grove, are situated the modern facilities of Melas Olive Oil Domain-Gaea of Epidaurus. You will enjoy a peaceful walk in the unique nature of the domain, along with a tour around the facilities in the olive oil factory, which includes a presentation using modern audiovisual equipment. You will also have the opportunity to taste exquisite olive and olive oil dishes and buy your favorite oil products, as well as cosmetics based on the organic extra-virgin olive oil MELAS.







Useful information
  • Duration
    2 hours
  • Number of participants
    No limit, groups up to 30 people
  • Guide
  • Additional services
    Upon request
  • Contact
    0030 210 6721100
    [email protected]