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Restaurants, bars, and cafés

It is only appropriate that the choice of a restaurant be given the rightful consideration. We will recommend to you some classic restaurants in the old town, and some others that only locals know as they are situated in nearby villages. We will also suggest food and wine options to make sure that you try the local specialties and get the best service possible. Always having in mind the quality and atmosphere of any establishment, we will also recommend bars and cafés where you can enjoy your drink or coffee. A Greek night with a local orchestra, or any other theme night, can also be organized at your request.

Useful information
  • Location
    Old town and
    nearby villages
  • Restaurants
    Greek cuisine, village steak houses,
    fish Taverns,
    classic Italian cuisine
  • Menu selection
    Yes, upon request
  • Additional services
    Upon request
  • Contact
    0030 210 6721100
    [email protected]